The story of Theatrical Media Services, Inc. is a tale of two young entrepreneurs who started out with minimal lighting equipment and eventually grew into one of the successful and noted lighting production companies in the nation.

Tim Kohlmeyer and Mark Huber began their lighting business in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1983, running the company from their garages. The duo started with small, local, one-off shows, but soon enough the word began to spread about their excellent work. As a result, Kohlmeyer and Huber were offered larger shows, major festivals, corporate productions, and more.

In 1994, the company won major touring accounts with Harry Connick Jr. and The Dave Matthews Band. During the course of the DMB tour, a lasting relationship was formed, and to this day the popular band continues to choose TMS as their lighting supplier. The reputation gained through these tours and other productions propelled the company to new heights.

TMS has always held that each customer account, large or small, is equally important. "You just never know where an opportunity may lie," said Kohlmeyer, "and that is exactly why we have never lost sight of the people and accounts that have helped us get where we are today." Similarly, TMS does not skimp on equipment. Although technology is constantly changing and keeping up can be both daunting and very costly, the company has maintained a state-of-the-art inventory. "We have never short-changed purchasing our equipment," notes Huber.

The 2008 Olympic Swim Trials, held in Omaha, brought TMS a new and unique opportunity. As a major sponsor of the swim trials, Mutual of Omaha suspended a 240' tall by 60’ wide banner of a swimmer from its building and asked TMS to create the illusion of water around the swimmer. The project was a huge success, and the following year Mutual of Omaha called upon TMS once again to provide lighting around a new banner, commemorating its 100th anniversary. These projects added to TMS’ portfolio and knowledge, leading to further renown and expansion.

Over the years TMS has been called upon to design and install lighting systems and other types of entertainment technology systems. As a result, TMS launched a full-service sales department to meet the demand for commercial projects requiring lighting, sound, video, rigging, and curtains.

Combined, TMS' productions, sales, and rentals operations provide a remarkable range of products and services. This substantial offering, along with the long-term relationships and repeat business that have forged the company’s foundation, support TMS’ continuing success and expansion.

As the late Tim Kohlmeyer said, "There's no better feeling than a job well-done and anticipating what new and exciting projects might be right around the corner as a result of that good work." This philosophy continues to drive the company forward.